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I don’t think there are any? At least not yet.

Aww that blows… but thank you!

Does anybody know what the new hybrid talents are now that gunslinger’s out?

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Whoa! Is that a wig or???

They’re just PMG swaps OTL. It’s Belita’s volcanologist wear and the new male treasure hunter hair!

She got that okaasan swag.

She got that okaasan swag.

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help Mabi tag

im trying to get married after getting divorce from inactivity from my marriage in 2010

my spouse is in the same boat

he’s an elf

but when we try to get engaged, it pops up that we cant

any thoughts as to what to do?

we are doing it at fillia, we both have 30k in our invs

so we have no idea whats going on

ps: im submitting a ticket, just decided to ask here first

If you’re a human, are you elf-allied?

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Looks like Treasure Hunters do get Guns. With how that looks though I’d rather have a whip. At least then I could be Indiana Runes and do something like:

Indiana Runes and Raiders of the Lost Karu


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